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About us

Guangdong Yangfan Mesh Industry Co., Ltd. was established on October 31, 1997, located in the southernmost seaside city -Zhanjiang,For more than 25 years developing,Yangfan continually innovating and updating the most advanced production machinery and quality management system to meet domestic and overseas demands for a high-quality, strong and economical Fishing Nets,ropes and other fishing gear. Up to now,Yangfan is certified to ISO9001:2015 and got many invention and practical patents, one of the largest and most successful manufacturer of fishing nets used in fishing,aquaculture,agriculture and other special industries.


Our consistent devotion to improving and developing the technology to enhance product quality has made our products well-known and accepted by customers from over 50 countries around the world, main market Japan, Africa, Southeast Asia, Mexico, Norway, etc. Our main products included: nylon raschel knotless net, polyester raschel knotless net, polyethylene raschel knotless netNylon Monofilament Knotted Net, nylon multifilament knotted net, polyester multifilament knotted net, polyethylene knotted net, casting net, trawl net, gill net, dragnet, PP RopePE Rope, fishing floats, etc


Three Subordinate production factory:fisheries Net factory,net equipment factory, twine and rope factory !

Fisheries Net Factory: one of the professional manufacturers of China specialized in producing knotless nets and knotted nets. Yangfan is the largest knotless netting production enterprise in China, and it is the leading enterprise participating in the China Agriculture Ministry formulation of the Ethylene Warp-knitted knotless nets Standard, and its output and quality are at the forefront of the same industry in China.

Net Equipment Factory: whose products are famous for fastness and durability,is a professional enterprise for making net equipments and producing net-cage in deep water.

Twine and Rope Factory: With a long history and being well equipped,aims at producing all kinds of twines and ropes.


Yangfan adhering Purpose "Reputation First & Quality First" , adhere to the "customer first" service policy, we sincerely welcome friends all over the world to cooperate ,guide and join us to explore a bright future together.



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