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Raschel Knotless Net

  • Nylon Raschel Knotless Net
Nylon Raschel Knotless Net

raschel knotless net Description:    

Raschel knotless netting is available in nylon polyester and polyethylene. Raschel net meshes are woven together instead of the traditional knotted process.    


Available in a variety of sizes. From 3/16" str to 3". Rope thickness from 210d/2 to 210d/306 depending on type please call for details.    

Knotless Netting Use:    

fish farming cages (salmon), seine net, trawl net. Other applications include agricultural and industrial application such as insect and bird protection net, safety net, cargo net, sport net (hockey, golf, etc.).    

Features / benefits:    

Very small mesh sizes available 3/16". Light weight. Less volume than knotted net. Excellent abrasion resistance and strength.    


Yangfan’s Raschel Knotless Knitted Netting is made from high quality, virgin resin with excellent tensile (breaking) strength. All Yangfan Raschel knitted netting is heatset  and our nylon and polyester netting is pre-shrunk.    Our factory is state of the art with stringent quality control which ensures consistent mesh and twine sizes throughout the netting.  Yangfan’s Raschel Knitted netting factory manufacturers  a wide range of twine sizes in most any mesh size, meshes deep, or color.




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