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UHMWPE Dyneema Raschel Knotless Fishing Netting

UHMWPE net (also known under brand names such as Dyneema)


A brief overview of the advantages of UHMWPE fibres, also known as Dyneema*:


1. Three times as strong as Nylon or Polyester net
2. As strong as steel, but at 1/10 of the weight
3. Low weight means lower cost on supporting structures
4. Very low stretch means the nets will not sag as much as Nylon
5. Extremely abrasion resistant - 10x better than Polyester
6. Excellent UV resistance
7. Hydrophobic - does not absorb water
8. Low flammability
9. Low melting point - Irrelevant in aviary use


1.Knotless netting, there not joint, no hurting to the fish;
2.Good wear resistance, anti-aging performance, making net cage's service life increase by 2 to 3 times;
3.High strength and low current resistance;
4.Improving the fishing safety due to the outstanding performance of impact resistance and cutting toughness of UHMWPE.
5.Avoid deformation due to the low elongation of UHMWPE.
6.Used to make aquaculture cages and ocean Fishing Nets such as marine trawl net and seine net.

UHMWPE Dyneema raschel knotless net More affordable than steel wire nettings, and much stronger and more durable than Nylon Net or Polyester net.

Many clients have been searching for an alternative to Nylon netting for aviaries, as Nylon decays quite rapidly due to UV light exposure, and we have therefore begun to market UHMWPE as a superior alternative.

UHMWPE has been used with outstanding results in body armor, lifting applications, offshore yacht racing, PPE (Personal Protection Equipment for work at height) for more than a decade.

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