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Nylon Monofilament Fishing Net

Nylon Monofilament Knotted Netting is used in fishing applications (trawling) , sport nets (baseball batting cages), and in industrial applications

Nylon Monofilament Knotted Netting is used in fishing applications (trawling) , sport nets (baseball batting cages), and in industrial applications.  The twine (which is knotted together to make netting) consists of two parts; the jacket and the core. The jacket is formed when filaments are braided together to form a hollow tube, and the core is created when multiple filaments are placed inside the hollow tube for strength. 


Monofilament nylon netting is primarily used in gill nets and trammel nets.  The netting is made from line similar to the type of line used in rod and reel fishing.  Fishermen worldwide can attest to the effectiveness of Fitec monofilament netting, and it is used in fisheries all over the globe.  



Yangfan Nylon Monofilament Knotted Net Specification

line size
diameter 0.08MM and Up
Mesh Size
3/8 inch and up



10M and UP

Type of Knot
S/K,D/K or U/K
Type of Selvage
SSTB,DSTB,Thicker Selvage,etc.
Type of Stretch
As customers'option


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Nylon Monofilament Knotted Netting several advantages to using monofilament netting:

1. Monofilament is almost transparent and is harder for fish to see in clear water, or it can be tinted (dyed) almost any color to match the color of the water where the netting will be fished.

2. Easy to clean debris (sticks, grass etc.) from.

3. Abrasion resistant.

4. Absorbs very little water.

5. Available in single, double (most common), U, and triple knot.

6. Available with heavier or thicker selvedges for added strength. Multifilament selvedges are also available.

7. Can be stretched depthways (most common) or lengthways.




Yangfan fishing nets Product Overview

These High-quality Nylon monofilament Fish Net are hand-made in zhanjiang by our company. We take pride in every trap we build, and we stand by our products.

Our nets are manufactured under stringent standards, conforming to the requirements of the commercial fishing industry. They provide extra tensile strength, abrasion, resistance, uniform mesh sizes, tight knots, and a smooth fiber surface to ensure an optimum catch. What’s more, Our nets are made from the Nylon with global cutting-edge technology and are treated, which guarantee the nets of high intensity, good security, and long service life.

Also, we can treat the nets with the anti-adhesion process according to various demands from different customers in order to postpone another 6 months for the nets to be resistant to the biological adhesion under the normal condition, all of which guarantee the frequency of manual net change and lessen the labor intensity for it.

Our products are range from nylon raschel knotless net, polyester raschel knotless net, polyethylene raschel knotless net, nylon monofilament knotted net, nylon multifilament knotted net, polyester multifilament knotted net, polyethylene knotted net, casting net, trawl net, gill net, dragnet, PP RopePE Rope, fishing floats, etc.

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